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Step by Step Easy All Grain

So you want to move up to all grain and are looking for a straightforward step by step description of each step of the process. Well you’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together the steps I use for typical all grain brew day. All you need to do is follow it, just as you would any other recipe. If you can make Mac & Cheese, you can brew a great beer. Here’s the best part, I’ve done a scaled down version of this method to make a 2 gallon batch using existing pots and strainers in my kitchen. That means no major investment in brewing equipment (all you really need is a bottle capper, caps and some washed out beer bottles).

Quick disclaimer, I am not a professional brewer nor do I have any special training. In fact I’m just an engineer who has a bunch of hobbies and loves to brew (and drink) fine beers. I recently brewed my 260th gallon of beer and I’ve used the tools on this website to help me. My goal is to make all grain homebrewing as accessible as possible to everyone. If you find yourself enjoying all grain brewing, I encourage you to explore other brewing resources, books, and forums to gain a deeper understanding of each step of the beer making process.

The process at a glance:

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