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Enter in you homebrew recipe information below and press the submit button. The calculator will provide the estimated initial gravity, alcohol content, bitterness (in IBU's) and color of the final beer. You can save a .CSV of the recipe on the "Recipe Results" page. Don't miss the opportunity to check out the other recipes that have been submitted by fellow homebrewers on the "Recipe List" page

Batch Info

Description Input Value Notes
Recipe Name Used for recipe report
Brewer Name Name used for recipe report to organize recipes by brewer
Batch Size (gal) Final wort volume
Efficiency (%) Grain conversion efficiency
Final Gravity Final gravity of fermented beer

Grain Bill

Description Input Value Notes
Grain 1 Selection Grain 1 selection
Quantity Grain 1 (lb) Quantity of Grain 1 selection
Grain 2 Selection Grain 2 selection
Quantity Grain 2 (lb) Quantity of Grain 2 selection
Grain 3 Selection Grain 3 selection
Quantity Grain 3 (lb) Quantity of Grain 3 selection
Grain 4 Selection Grain 4 selection
Quantity Grain 4 (lb) Quantity of Grain 4 selection
Grain 5 Selection Grain 5 selection
Quantity Grain 5 (lb) Quantity of Grain 5 selection

Hop Selection

Description Input Value Notes
Hop A Selection Hop A Variety selection
Quantity Hop A (oz) Quantity of first hop selection
Boil Time Hop A (min) Boil time for first hop selection
Hop B Selection Hop B Variety selection
Quantity Hop B (oz) Quantity of second hop selection
Boil Time Hop B (min) Boil time for second hop selection
Hop C Selection Hop C Variety selection
Quantity Hop C (oz) Quantity of third hop selection
Boil Time Hop C (min) Boil time for third hop selection

Yeast Selection

Description Input Value Notes
Yeast Selection

Brewing / Tasting notes


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