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Recipe Results

Description Selected Value Notes
Recipe Name My Recipe October-21-2020 5:36:08 am
Brewer Name Brewdawg1 Name used for recipe report to organize recipes by brewer
Batch Size (gal) 12 Final wort volume
Efficiency (%) 88 Grain conversion efficiency
Initial Gravity 1.048 Initial gravity of Wort
Final Gravity 1.01 Final gravity of fermented beer
Alcohol by Volume 5.0 % Alcohol content of finished beer
Total IBU 38.5 Amount of hop bittering
Color 8.3 Color of finished beer

Submitted Recipe

Grain Bill

Description Input Value Notes
Grain 1 Selection American two-row Grain 1 selection
Quantity Grain 1 (lb) 15 Quantity of Grain 1 selection
Grain 2 Selection American Wheat Grain 2 selection
Quantity Grain 2 (lb) 1 Quantity of Grain 2 selection
Grain 3 Selection American Crystal 60 L Grain 3 selection
Quantity Grain 3 (lb) 2 Quantity of Grain 3 selection
Grain 4 Selection American two-row Grain 4 selection
Quantity Grain 4 (lb) 0 Quantity of Grain 4 selection
Grain 5 Selection American two-row Grain 5 selection
Quantity Grain 5 (lb) 0 Quantity of Grain 5 selection

Hop Choices

Description Input Value Notes
Hop A Selection Cascade Hop A Variety selection
Quantity Hop A (oz) 5 Quantity of first hop selection
Boil Time Hop A (min) 20 Boil time for first hop selection
Hop B Selection Hallertau Mittelfruh Hop B Variety selection
Quantity Hop B (oz) 2 Quantity of second hop selection
Boil Time Hop B (min) 30 Boil time for second hop selection
Hop C Selection Cascade Hop C Variety selection
Quantity Hop C (oz) 2 Quantity of third hop selection
Boil Time Hop C (min) 5 Boil time for third hop selection

Yeast Selection

Description Input Value Notes
Yeast Selection White Labs California Ale WLP001 Direct Pitch

Brewing / Tasting notes

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